Application Process

Selecting and Partnering with Families

The Selection Committee is made up of approximately 12 community volunteers who follow guidelines established by Habitat for Humanity International to insure that the selection process is fair and non-discriminatory. Habitat believes that homeownership is the first step towards helping people to break the cycle of poverty. Habitat's philosophy is based on the creed of offering "a hand up" not "a handout", thereby helping families in need to help themselves.

The selection process begins with a family completing a pre-application. If the pre-application is approved, the family must attend an orientation program that describes the requirements a family must meet to partner with Habitat to build their own home.

There are several requirements that a family must meet to partner with Habitat. The family must currently be living in substandard housing, have an income within 30 - 80% of the median income for Henderson County based on family size, have at least four years of work and credit history, and be willing to provide 400 hours of sweat equity.

The family must complete an application, which includes W-2 forms, income tax returns, current pay stubs, birth certificates, current bank statements and other documentation. The Selection Committee will do credit, criminal, and drug checks. A letter of verification will be sent to their employer(s) and landlord.

Two members of the Selection Committee will make a visit to the family in their current home to verify living conditions and provide an opportunity for the family to ask any questions. The family will then be invited to meet with the Selection Committee. After committee approval, the family will be interviewed by the Board of Directors which will provide the final approval.

The approved family will provide 400 hour of sweat equity prior to moving into their new home. Finally, the family will make a $1000 down payment and monthly mortgage payments of approximately $500 - $550 per month (which includes taxes and insurance) with a 30 year no-interest loan from Habitat.

These new homes currently cost approximately $95,000 to build, but are valued at more than $140,000.